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Seagal Week Ends, Mini Reviews Begin

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Thankfully Seagal week has come to an end! Hopefully people enjoy reading the reviews more than I enjoyed watching the films. Watching that many Seagal films in one week is almost more than I could bear.

Seagal Week!

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In honor of Steven Seagal's new TV show Lawman, we'll be doing a series of reviews of his films. It's like shark week but with more blubber and frenzied eating.

Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday!

We're back!

Lurple goes to SXSW '09!

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SXSW '09

It's time for Lurple's nearly-annual journey to SXSW!

Fantastic Fest Goes Online! Ten Complete Films Streaming For Free!

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Fantastic Fest Online Image

Not able to get to Austin for Fantastic Fest this year? Neither am I, so it's great news that the festival has decided to put several features and shorts from the festival online for viewing. I hope more festivals start doing something similar in the future.

I'm not going to miss out on a short titled Treevenge and several of these entries have garnered favorable early press.  Check them out!

Lurple goes to TIFF '08!

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TIFF 2008 Logo

That's right!  Lurple will be at TIFF '08.  Not for the entire thing, but at least for the last couple of days to catch a couple of spiffy films. The entire schedule was finally announced today and I've been looking forward to this for a while!

Upcoming Movie: One Long Day

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One Long Day Poster

At we like our revenge movies and we're always interested in indie flicks on the subject.  We've been keeping an eye on One Long Day; it was filmed on a miniscule budget and it looks like a lot of fun.  How could we not be interested in a film made by a mailman-turned-director about a man avenging the death of his dog Fluffy?

Be sure to check out the trailer below!

When Nollywood Attacks

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We recently declared that Charles E. Cullen was the worst director ever, and that his movie Killer Klowns from Kansas on Krack was quite possibly the worst movie ever made. I knew that writing this would send some terrible films my way but I had no idea just how quickly they would arrive.

I've been discussing Nollywood (the Nigerian film industry) with the other folks over at Cinema Suicide for a little while now. If you're not familiar with Nollywood and want to know more check out Bryan's latest article on the subject. It's apparently not uncommon for teams in Nollywood to put out a movie in a couple of days and some Nollywood directors have managed to make 80-100 movies in the last 15 years. Just yesterday someone provided us with an online store that not only sells some of these fine movies, it also provides online trailers for many of them., LAMB, Cinema Suicide

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I haven't blogged a lot on the site since I mainly reserve the space for reviews, but I thought I'd mention a few things.  First, thanks to for linking to our site! I've been reading for years.

Second, we've joined up with the Large Association of Movie Blogs.  Hello to the LAMBs who drop by; some of you I know, some of you don't know me but I may have dropped by your sites.

Internal Bleeding's First Giveaway

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VodkaCheck out Internal Bleeding's first giveaway: a limited edition 12-inch “Subject 138: The Street Prophet” zombie figure. This fine zombie comes with accessories including pants, vodka, a gnawed leg, and 'THE END IS NEAR’ warning sign. Pants are optional after consuming the vodka.

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