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Wrong Turn 4

Wrong Turn 4For those of you still buying Wrong Turn movies, this is one of them.  For everyone else, you've already wasted more time on this film than you should just reading these two sentences.











A Serbian Film


A Serbian Film I watch a lot of extreme films, from Alienteur  to Come and See, August Underground to the Guinea Pig series... it’s a long list. At this point I’m a bit jaded. It’s not often that a film comes around that shocks me, but this is one of them: A Serbian Film is definitely in the top five most disturbing films I’ve ever seen. You may feel like your soul needs a shower after watching this one.

The real surprise is that beyond the shocking and profoundly disgusting content matter, A Serbian Film is actually a well-made film with some sympathetic characters, which really increased the revulsion I felt while watching what they go through.

Gong Tau

Gong Tau

After sitting thru' the outrageous CAT III blood 'n' guts of Yau's Untold Story (92), Taxi Hunter (93) and Ebola Syndrome (96), I was more than willing to view this feature—especially as it concerns its sick self with Gong Tau (black magic). Yau's movies always stop short of brilliant and although overlooked and considered a mere exploitation hack by some, it's worth noting he's always shown a surprisingly mean streak when it comes to the inclusion of hideous gore, mad mutilation, sick death and awful murder in a 'fuck you it's on the screen so deal with it' sort of way which always makes his stuff worth checking out.

Sick Girl

Sick GirlIn many cases a movie title can be misleading or wildly inaccurate, creating an expectation that just isn't true. That is definitely not the case with Sick Girl; before the opening credits have finished rolling, the girl in question has punched out and urinated on a nun, shot up a schoolbus, and cut someone's throat.

I think it's safe to say this isn't a film for everyone.

Exterminator City

Exterminator City

When a film’s opening credits include pornstars, has-beens, and talentless unknowns, you have some idea what you’re in for right off the bat. With tantalizing names like Julie Strain, Fembomb, Lilith Stabs, and Syn Devil, it’s obvious that this is a lineup of stellar thespians.

And then there’s the plot: silly-looking robots are struggling to exterminate flesh-eating rubber bugs. Unfortunately their best “man” has become a serial killer. He likes to peel the flesh off half-naked (or totally naked) women. After a murdering spree he sometimes likes to unwind at robot confession (robot exterminators believe in god?), which doesn’t work all that well since his vocabulary consists of “Boom boom boom!”

Tokyo Gore Police

Tokyo Gore Police

When you start a film off with exploding heads, severed limbs that spray arterial blood like a garden hose, and a chainsaw fight, you can be pretty sure that a film is going to be over-the-top and live up to the word gore in its name.

Hell's Gate

Hell's Gate

An hour before he's due to return to the surface after spending a month alone in an underground cavern (deep below the ruins of an ancient church), a 'scientist' flips out and runs about screaming. In response, his 'scientist' surface buddies decide to launch a rescue attempt and venture down into the caves to discover plastic skeletons, evil light bulbs, pet rats, a smoke machine, wobbly tombstones, 7 killer ghost/monk/spirits and eventually........ the doorway to hell itself.

The Vanguard

The Vanguard Poster

There's no lack of post-apocalyptic zombie films in the world.  Lately there's been no lack of virus-turns-humans-into-fast-moving-zombie films.

The Vanguard is one of these films, but it's different enough to be interesting. First, there's no attempt to be stylish or cool. Unless you think a guy tooling around the post-apocalyptic woods on his Schwinn in ripped jeans and shades is cool (hint: it isn't).

The Baron Against the Demons

The Baron Against the Demons Poster

A post-apocalyptic tale of Christian steam-punk space knights gallivanting around with bayonet laserguns and bagpipes, battling puppets and  papier-mâché demons. The whole thing is awash with gore, aliens, cleavage, and perversion. And then Satan shows up.

It's sort of like the Dark Crystal meets Robot Bastard! and the Spanish Inquisition in hell, but with really crappy special effects.

The Seventh Curse

The Seventh Curse

The Seventh Curse is a prime example of Hong Kong film-making at its craziest and most over the top. It's goofy, violent, and fun. Filled with kung fu, evil sorcerers, the undead, gunfights, crazy alien baby monsters, gore, human sacrifice, ass-kicking monks, and Chow Yun Fat. If you haven't seen it, you should.

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