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The Killing Of Satan

The Killing of Satan

Yep. Satan actually shows up, and when he does, he's dressed like a horned disco dancer with a trident and a tail! Meanwhile, an evil minion called the 'Prince of magic' hangs out with a gang (dressed like waiters) and uses his satanic powers to spin heads and bully a village of nice Christians who whip themselves bloody for Jesus.

Then, after a guy is crushed to a jam-like consistency by a giant rock, our hero Lando (Ramon Revilla) questions his faith, but turns back to Christ when his son is shot, his uncle dies and his daughter is kidnapped and he ends up battling Satan with 'Zap magic in Lucifer's well lit spooky cave.

Made in the Philippines and barely dubbed into English (one guy has a southern drawl?!), it's a cool, funny, good V evil, low budget face-off with squibs, candles, magic sounds, wife punching, naked gals (in a cage), snake knotting, wrestling, blood, brief chunky gore and a character called 'Uncle Ben'. More thrills for fans of crazy magic-fu movies like Revenge Of The Zombies (81) and Magic Curse (77) to hunt for. 'You're yellow Satan! Come out and fight!'