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RuslanAKA: Driven To Kill, Steven (make mine a large) Seagal is again blocking out the sun and causing earth tremors as he barges his way thru' yet another crime/revenge kung fu thriller where he gets to whisper his lines and hold his belly before snapping arms, wrists and backs in fight scenes where he's filmed from behind.

This quite flashy, nicely shot slab of lard fu finds our portly punisher playing an ex Russian gangster/author who travels to America (actually Canada) to hunt down his daughter's attackers after she gets slapped in the run up to her wedding to a rival gangsters son—a man who may, or may not be carrying on the family line of business.

It's the typical Seagal plot—he's old, wants a quiet life, but the bad men drag him and his loved ones into a violent situation only he (and his frequently used stunt double) has the cure for. Cue numerous battles, burgers, breakfasts, BBQ's, buns and brunches. Nah.., only kidding, there's no BBQ. There is tho', several brutal and nasty brawls where Seagal (and his spray-on hair) dismantle idiots who block his path to vengeance, easily making this one of the deep fried demolisher's best and most decent outings of late.

Head and shoulders above the absolutely useless Against The Dark (2008), press play to witness knife fights, glassed faces, smacked jaws, crushed spines, gunfire, cuts, torn ears and lines of dialogue mumbled so low they barely tap the inner ear of humans. Mmm, pie.