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feasting on cinematic leftovers

Death Bed: The Bed That Eats

Death Bed

With a title like this, how could you resist watching this movie? I couldn't. The plot, such as it is, is about a Bed. That eats. People. That's about it. Well, at one point it eats some fried chicken, an apple… whatever gets on it, really. The movie is divided up into segments named after meals and is narrated by a ghost in a painting.

Mercenary for Justice

Mercenary For Justice

“That’s it for you, poophole!”

Picking on a direct-to-video Steven Seagal movie these days may be like shooting fish in a barrel, but sometimes it has to be done.  Mercenary for Justice isn’t the worst of his movies, but is it entertaining?

The Machine Girl

Machine Girl

Low-budget, cheesy, and gory as hell, The Machine Girl surprised me and exceeded even the high hopes I had for it. Ass-kicking, machine-gun wielding Japanese schoolgirls. Ninjas. Chainsaws. Gratuitous maimings. What more could you want out of an exploitive revenge flick? Buckets and buckets of fake blood, maybe? Good, because you're going to get those too.



Izo is a strange film. Even for Takashi Miike, this one is out there.

The main character is based on historical figure Izo Okada, who is crucified at the beginning of the film. The movie, such as it is, follows Izo as he is transported through space and time, killing people with a sword. Over and over and over and over.

Dog Bite Dog

Dog Bite Dog

A brutal, disturbing film about a dehumanized Cambodian hitman that crosses paths with a bitter, unbalanced young cop in Hong Kong. Dog Bite Dog is visually stark but grimly stylish, with a look that definitely suits the mood. The film is extremely violent, but the violence isn't glamorous and there's more going on in the story than just a body count.

Cutie Honey

Cutie Honey

Can Cutie Honey find some junk food, save the world, and still make it to her day job on time?

Cutie Honey is a live action movie based on a Japanese manga/TV series/anime franchise. I’m not familiar with any of the previous work, so I won’t comment on how the movie may compares to it. This movie is an extremely silly, brightly-colored, comic-book romp.

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